Bringing About Change

Poverty is described as the degree to which a person does without resources . . . so, building resources is a key goal of the Bridges Community.

Bridges of Hope brings about change by following the guidelines established by the Bridges Out Of Poverty program:

  • Developing Support Systems
  • Using Disciplined Strategies
  • Using Mental Models
  • Mentoring
  • Revealing HIDDEN RULES
  • Identifying Options
  • Sharing Coping Strategies
  • Increasing Achievement Levels
  • Teaching Goal Setting

Change is accomplished through a 20 week course facilitated locally by certified trainers in Bridges out of Poverty concepts complemented by ongoing mentoring. The client is guided to recognize predators, strategize out of debt, and build "future stories" for a better quality of life.

Bridges of Hope brings together individuals, agencies, all economic classes, and community policy makers to get to the root of poverty in our area.

Poverty Statistics

Four Main Causes of Poverty

1. Individual behavior and/or Poor Choices
2. Lack of Human & Social Capital
3. Exploitation of Money Changers
4. Political/Economical Structures

Oklahoma ranks 8th in the nation for residents living in poverty.

Oklahoma ranks 4th in the percentage of children living in Extreme Poverty.

In Delaware County 19.9% of individuals live in poverty vs. 15.7% in Oklahoma.

Delaware County has 33.4% of children living in poverty: With an estimated 201,000 in the state of Oklahoma.